Hi there!

I am currently learning HTML, so this page will be very basic, and will be changing as I learn new things. I have not learned any CSS yet, nor Javascript, but will get there in due time...

A really nice site to learn about web programming is Codecademy, and offers lots of tutorials for free, so if you are interested in learning also, check it out!

This is a simple webpage, using some of the various elements and tags defined by the HTML specification. Some of these elements are as follows:

  1. title
  2. headings
  3. paragraphs
  4. lists
  5. links
  6. images
  7. tables
  8. divisions
  9. spans

These elements are used in various ways to create the layout of a webpage.

Various elements and their description
Element Tag Description
Images img Provides graphics and pictures
Links a href Used to link to other pages
Lists ol / ul For providing ordered and unordered lists
Tables table Presents data in tabular format
Divisions div For dividing up sections of the page