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I like technology; I like to understand how things work.

Ever since my childhood, I've always been curious about how things work and operate, and how things are put together and assembled.

So, you could imagine that I was always taking things apart to understand how things worked while I was growing up. My parents bought me those RadioShack 100-in-1 electronics kits that taught you about electronics when I was growing up, and I even received my Ham Radio license (Novice level) at age 13!

Fast forward to today.

I have since learned how to write software, and was a paid professional software developer for about 25 years.

I have recently become interested in electronics again, and have been looking at the STM32 line of ARM processors by ST Microelectronics, in particular, the STM32F103C8T6 (used on the Blue Pill, a popular board with the aforementioned processor). Check it out if you're into tinkering with both hardware and software together.

But that is just a hobby; currently, I'm working on an iOS app for keeping track of tasks and projects, and have a couple of prototypes that you can try out if you would like. Eventually, the app will be released on the iOS App Store using the "freemium" model, where the app is free with basic features, but will offer premium features for a reasonably low price.

Due to the sheer amount of screen sizes for smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, I am not able to make prototypes for all of the different sizes, but the prototypes linked below should resize to fit any screen, albeit some may show 'bars' at the top and bottom or sides of the screen on your device if you decide to try them out. The prototypes were specifically designed for the Plus size Apple iPhones (iPhone 6+, 7+, and 8+), so they should look perfect on those. Also, the protoypes were designed for portrait mode only, so if you rotate your device to landscape mode, the prototype may simply shrink!

An explanation regarding how I personally view the tasks, projects, and agenda which define the app's purpose:

Please keep the above in mind while you use the prototype, as those points will drive the development of the app.

You can run these prototypes on anything that runs a web browser, so give it a try, and leave any feedback or criticisms you may have here.

Choose your preferred style of app theme below, (I prefer the dark mode for all of my computer software, as it is easier on the eyes...), and remember to leave me some feedback at the email link noted above - I would really appreciate it, and it will benefit you if you have any interest in using the app once it's released, as you get to provide some input on the direction that the app should go in!

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Please note: these are only prototypes; they are not actual applications. The purpose of these are to demonstrate what the app should look like, and how it should function in a general sense. They are not meant to describe every single detail and interaction of the app, so keep that in mind as you try them out.

Thanks for viewing my homepage!